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What is Kongcrete?

Kongcrete is a revolutionary new way to install fence & sign posts. It is a high strength alternative to concrete that is lightweight, does not require water, sets in 3 minutes and is extremely easy to use. Kongcrete is a hydrophobic two-part composite backfill that expands to fill the peripheral void between a fence or sign post and the hole. Kongcrete expands immediately after mixing and reaches 50% of full strength in approximately 3 minutes. In approximately 15-30 minutes Kongcrete will already be quite hard. Fences or gates can be installed after the product completely sets in approximately 2 hours.

Will Kongcrete absorb water?

Kongcrete is waterproof when cured so will not absorb water. Kongcrete will also stop the post from  rotting or corroding by providing a barrier between the wood and the water/soil. Due to its fast setting nature, Kongcrete is rain proof in a few minutes.

Is Kongcrete environmentally safe?

Once cured, Kongcrete becomes an inert solid and will not harm soil or water.

Can another Kongcrete kit be used on the top of the first one if required?

Yes, once the first kit has fully expanded another kit can be used on top.

What it the correct temperature for using Kongcrete?

Kongcrete is best used at 18°C - 25°C and the kits need to be stored at this temperature range for at least two hours before using. At lower temperatures, the kits will take longer to set and will produce less volume. At higher temperatures, the kits will set much faster, lowering the working time and will produce a higher volume, weaker composite.

What hole diameter is required when setting 100 mm x 100 mm post using Kongcrete?

As with any size post being set with Kongcrete the hole only needs to be slightly larger than the post itself. As Kongcrete is a pourable liquid when mixed it is easy to pour into a small cavity unlike concrete which requires a larger hole meaning more effort and material.

What type of posts can Kongcrete be used with?

Kongcrete can be used with a range of post types including Wood, Metal, Aluminium, Concrete, Vinyl and PVC and adheres to them better than concrete.

What happens if Kongcrete expands over the top of the hole?

Once cured excess Kongcrete can be removed by cutting with a handsaw or shovel.

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