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What is the correct application rate?

Siroflex tubes come with a V Grooved nozzle which ensures the correct application rate. Place the nozzle vertically on the surface and apply adhesive to one surface only in vertical stripes 300mm apart.

Other adhesives I have used have become brittle in the cold and failed – will this happen with Siroflex?

No. Siroflex is designed to retain some elasticity. It has been used extensively throughout Europe and has an operating temperature range of -40˚C to +100˚C.

What is the shelf life of Siroflex?

Siroflex has a shelf life of 12 months. Ideal storage temperature is between +5˚C and +25˚C.

What surfaces will Siroflex bond?

Siroflex is ideal for bonding most building substrates including timber, aluminium, glass, plaster board, coated metals, painted surfaces, Perspex, concrete, bricks, plastics, polycarbonates, polystyrene, zinc, stainless steel, copper, lead, anodized aluminium, epoxy and polyester panels.

Does the surface need to be completely dry?

No not at all. Siroflex will bond to damp surfaces.

Is Siroflex an Instant Grab product?

Not instant but has a very high initial grab meaning that most applications require no clamping or extra fixing as the initial cure time is very quick. Siroflex allows a few moments to position the object then begins curing, quickly holding the weight of the object even in vertical installations.

Is a special Cartridge Gun required for Siroflex?

No. Although the product is stiff by nature, a standard Cartridge Gun is all that is required.

Is Siroflex a contact adhesive?

No – in fact it is quicker than a contact adhesive as there is no waiting for both surfaces to dry before adhering together as with a contact type adhesive.

Are there any substrates that Siroflex will not bond?

btn contactYes – but not many! It is not recommended for use on PE, PP, Teflon or Bituminous surfaces. For further information see the Product Data Sheet or trial a small area first.

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