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Siroflex concrete "It's great! We used other better known brands in the past and Siroflex performs much better and quicker than them, saving us time and money.

I'm recommending Siroflex to others."
  Siroflex construction adhesive   "Siroflex Grip and Grab is excellent.

We used it for adhering an alubond panel to a raw concrete wall that was damp and it worked really, really well.
We were very doubtful at first so we tried a sample on a smaller block – it worked so well we went ahead.
These were large panels 6m up – we had allowed one and a half days to install. By using Siroflex we cut the install time down to just half a day! Some of the time savings came about through not having to clamp the panels."
Siroflex tube "Siroflex works like a charm!

We have used it on 6m plywood horizontal curves on counters. Siroflex saved time on this as we would normally have had to pin these.

We have also used it on decorative vertical battens onto glass where it saved time and money as we did not have to use double sided tape or silicone.

The product is very competitively priced."
Siroflex sign install "I endorse Siroflex Grip and Grab for sure.
We have used it on a steel plate 1.2m x 1.8m weighing 35kgs and adhered it to a Gib wall in a vertical placement. It was real quick - we just stuck it to the wall! I think it is on there forever.
We have used Siroflex on other jobs and it's child's play. It makes install effortless and fast and does away with fiddly fixing techniques and mechanical fixings in most application. Strong stuff!"
Siroflex steel "We've been using Siroflex to adhere steel kickplates and it performed really, really well. We were previously using two other brands but this works so much better.

We're impressed!"

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